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Mindset is very important to clear CAT EXAM

Students occasionally have a tendency to forget that this is just a test and not a struggle, to disregard their health, and begin to feel like failures. The CAT EXAM is a significant test. Yes, and employing the appropriate tactics will aid in your progress. These constant worries of individuals can be easily calmed down by our experts at ADCI (Anees Defence Career Institute), and they are here to provide some top tips and tricks.


  1. Preparation tips by experts:
  • Identify your strongest areas and work on strengthening them
  • Don’t focus on gathering study material from different places. Stick to the study material which you have been using throughout your preparation. Have trust in your study material.
  • Take frequent study breaks and healthy meals. We all know it’s important.
  • Don’t compare your preparation with others. Keep working consistently towards improving yourself.
  • Get a command on medium and easy difficulty level questions.
  1. Important sections for CAT

It varies from person to person. One should do proper SWOT analysis as it gives direction to our preparation and helps in decision making.

In my opinion, there can’t be one single strategy which fits for all.

  1. Tips to follow at the exam centre

  • Reach before time at the exam centre. (Foremost thing)
  • Make a folder for all important things to be taken to the exam centre at least 2 days prior to the exam.
  • Don’t engage in unhealthy conversations before the exam as it unnecessarily leads to anxiety.
  • Keep yourself calm and follow instructions carefully at the exam centre.
  1. Important things to focus on CAT paper
  • Mock tests should be given in the time slot similar to the time slot for your CAT exam as it is the best exercise for our minds, which ultimately helps us on the day of the exam.
  • Make your own strategy. Every individual is different, so what might work for others might not work for you and vice versa.
  • Save your time when selecting questions. What issues to address and what not to. Simply answer the question as it is asked. If you encounter a reading comprehension in psychology, for instance, and you don’t enjoy reading that kind of chapter, then don’t skip it either.
  1. How to avoid negative markings in CAT
  • Don’t have an emotional approach towards questions.
  • Don’t stick to a particular question for too long.
  • Read it thrice. If you are unable to crack it, then move ahead.
  1. How helpful is mock test and previous year question papers
  • Solving previous year’s questions is a must as it helps us to understand the paper better.
  • Don’t lose your cool trying to complete as many mocks as you can. To a point, solving mocks is beneficial.
  • Start solving problems without a timer first and focus on working on your mistakes.
  • Attempting mocks isn’t enough. Invest time in your mock analysis as it will help you to know your strong and weak areas.

Note: Don’t lose yourself while preparing for an exam. CAT is about time management and so is the life which comes after that.

So, you need to have a cool mind and for that stay away from all the unhealthy discussions.

About ADCI (Anees Defence Career Institute) and Founder:

In order to shape young kids for admission to India’s National Defence Academy (NDA) in Pune, the young Anees, who was very well-liked in his school and neighborhood for his brilliance in Mathematics, established a full-fledged coaching centre titled Anees Classes in 1988. Anees Classes has been offering education services for 34 years to lakhs of people. We have made a notable impact in the sphere of education by attending to the demands of hundreds of students by preparing over 650 students for India’s top Defense institute, the NDA in Pune. In addition to providing high-quality education with the help of industry veterans, we ensure that the students feel at home with us. Staying and attending school in a city other than your own can occasionally feel daunting. We make sure that both the individual and group needs of each student are met. For this reason, we offer all of our students access to quality cuisine and hostel amenities. An active student is a healthy student.

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