Embarking on an educational trip is not merely a journey, it’s an opportunity to forge lasting memories. Our recent trek trip to Tikona fort, Lonavala was a testament to this as the grade 11 students set out on a daylong expedition filled with hikes, delicious meals, and relaxation.

The students were first all fueled up with breakfast at a restaurant in Lonavala and we were then headed to our trek location.

The groups were now on their way to a 2 hour trek. Though the path up to the top got extremely challenging at times, the beautiful scenery substituted it all. Interesting facts were shared with the students about the fort throughout the trek. A small training session for all students was conducted by the Physical education teacher on top of the hill.

After the exhausting trek our next stop was to a resort nearby ’Winding trails’. The resort’s owner, a thoughtful individual, extended a warm welcome and surprised the students by offering complimentary tents for relaxation. After lunch, the students had the opportunity to unwind in the tents and spend some quality time amongst themselves.

This trip came to an end with one final stop to a beautiful garden in Hadshi . The greenery and the sunset was the perfect setting for the students to relax after the educational tour.

As the day concluded, tired but happy, the students carried with them memories that would last a lifetime.

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