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WELCOME TO Anees NDA Coaching Classes Pune

Anees Classes has been the Education Service Provider to thousands of students for over 33 years. Having catered to the needs of hundreds of students, Anees classes has left a visible mark in the field of education by preparing over 650 students for India’s premier defence institute, the National Defence Academy in Pune.

Apart from providing quality education with the help of stalwarts in the field of education we ensure that the students feel at home with us. Staying and studying at a city different from their own hometown can sometimes feel overwhelming. We ensure that every student’s need is catered to individually and collectively. This is why we provide hostel facilities and excellent food to all our students. A healthy student is a productive student!

In an era of cut throat competition we believe in preparing students with a healthy and sharp personality especially for the Defence Forces. We believe our students are our best testimonials, their happiness is our motto and their success our goal!

Anees Classes is a one- of- its- kind coaching institute because the focus is on the student and his overall personality development. We allow the students to hone their skills and write precise answers allowing them to perform beyond their teachers’ and parents’ expectations.

Anees classes is a platform for students to build strong concept -understanding and bring out their inherent strength to achieve their academic and social goals. Vacation classes are specially instituted to help the students to cope up with the pace of the school curriculum and the competitive world.

With a singular focus on metamorphosing young students into young achievers, Anees classes believes that the students are the best testimonials, their satisfaction, our motto and their achievements our Pride!

Our Vision and Mission!

Our vision is to create a fundamentally strong and level headed personality of the students who join us.

Our Methodology!

Understand the student. Create a teacher – student rapport where the student is at ease in a new environment. Work as a team


Knowledge knocks on the door of Action. If it receives a Reply, It Stays, Otherwise it Departs. Train Up a Child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.